When my friend reads this, she’ll know this story is about her– HA. I wanted to chat about the importance of having friends that will, let’s say, slap you in the face from time to time. This iconic quote was said to me while we were driving through LA and all I was doing was complaining about the guys in my life. I was lowering my standards just because they were interested. Yes, this sounds horrible, but we’ve all done it. I wasn’t holding myself up to the standards I created for myself, so I was attracting people that were not… um.. yeah just not it. Anyway, this ties into what I really want to chat about in this post (we can save the guys for later), this is friends!! REAL friends. 

Two different meanings of the word real in this situation. 1) they’re actually your friend 2) they’ll be real with you when you need it. We all need a little push/wake up call from time to time. And it needs to come from the right person, it’s hard for you to see if you’re not pulling up to the best version of yourself. But, in turn, it’s also up to us to be able to accept our friend’s help without being a baby about it. And when this help comes from someone who is a real (definition 1) friend, you feel better because you know they have your best interest at heart. When it comes from someone you might consider a close acquaintance (or a bestie depending on the wine), it can come across as mean. So, have this chat with some of your friends. If they’re not being real with you (from time to time- our brains can only handle so much) make a pact to help keep each other in check. If you see someone self-sabotaging (spending a whole afternoon in LA complaining about boys- *cough* me), help them out by reminding them that they’re a BOSS. No but really, if you know that one of your friends can do better, maybe it’s time for you to be the REAL friend. 

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