If you know me personally, you’ll know I never shut up about wanting my hair to be rose gold. But, there’s a lot that goes into why I can’t- my agent, types, new headshots etc. ANYWAY, during this quarantine I thought “hmmm now would be the perfect the time”. So, here I am writing this with my hair in rose gold braids, and let me tell you… it looks bomb ASF. 

I think one of the main reasons I wanted to color my hair was to be different, to stand out in a certain way. There are a million blondes running around NYC, and not going to lie, I always want to stand out (I’m a Leo okay). Ever since I’ve changed the color of my hair, I’ve noticed that I carry myself a bit more confidently- and I know it’s because my hair looks cool. But why couldn’t I always walk down the street like I’m feeling myself? Yes, we have off days where all we want to do is walk with our head down as fast as possible to our apartments, but still– what was the issue? This little hair experiment helped me realize that I am in complete control of how I handle myself. I can make the active decision to walk down the street confidently, because I deserve it! Think of all the things in our life that we can’t control, let’s save those negative uncontrollable feelings for those moments. We are in control of our reactions to everything that life throws at us. So, the next time something out of your control happens, take a step back and think about your reaction. Are you a “poor me” or an “okay how can I handle this” person. Not saying that you don’t get to feel your feelings, but save those for the stuff that actually matters. Next time you’re walking down the street, pretend it’s a runway– it’s a lot of fun I promise. 

ALSO, I used Keracolor Clenditioner to do my hair. It took a couple tries to get the color that I wanted because I am slowly becoming more of a dirty blonde during this quarantine– ha. It’s recommended for blondies to use the Rose Gold and for anyone with darker hair to use the Pink, just because of the way the color picks up on your current color/roots.

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