Ah yes, we’ve all been there. Actually, I hadn’t until recently. I was going out with a great guy, we got along well blah blah blah. Then all of the sudden, he literally dropped off the face of the earth (he also didn’t have social media so… great). I was honestly worried that he died. I didn’t even realize I was being ghosted HA. I mean, it was going great!… right?

This whole experience got me thinking… THINKING. Why are we too scared to just let someone know that we’re not that into them? Because we don’t want to hurt their feelings? I would have much rather preferred a text that said he thought I was boring rather than me kind of freaking out that he might’ve died. Now with all the social media we have, it’s even weirder to try and ghost someone. Yes, you can ignore their texts. But then they’re still on Instagram or Facebook or Snapchat. You’re still connected in some way. And if you both live in New York, you’re bound to run into each other at some point (I keep my eyes peeled for him whenever I’m on the UES- yeah, I said it).

I can’t say anything because I’ve definitely ghosted people before (c’mon honesty!). But, ever since this happened to me I have made a vow to never do it again. And honestly, it’s been great. I don’t have to awkwardly cringe when a text from someone I’ve ghosted comes through. Now they know not to text because I have confidently told them how I felt! Its great!

Now you ask, ok so how exactly do you do that? I’ve found that just being honest, (in a very, very nice way) about what you’re feeling is better for both parties involved. A simple and straightforward text/ phone call is your best bet. Don’t be scared about hurting their feelings, in the end I think it’s safe to assume that they probably want to be with someone who actually likes them. You speak your mind and they usually get the picture. So, try it next time. Speak your truth sis.

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