mat (sold out in the pattern I have, but here’s a similar one!)
yoga blocks (sold out on Lululemon, but here’s similar ones I found on Amazon!)

For everyday sweat needs (because I am sweating all the time all day), Hiki is the place to be. Their products are made with all-natural ingredients and are vegan, free of synthetic fragrances, clinically tested, and safe for all skin types. Sooooo…. Add to cart!!

Except here’s the thing. They were planning on launching their company, and then COVID-19 hit. They don’t feel it’s an appropriate time to launch, so they are offering their products for FREE to hospital and medical facility workers, with the goal to make everyone’s day a little more comfortable. 

AND if you are not a hospital worker, you can still participate. All they are asking for is a social media message of honesty and compassion that can help others during this trying time. 

Here’s all you have to share:

  • Honesty in how you’re feeling today, and a message of kindness towards someone else (anybody else: a friend, family member, colleague or stranger). 
  • Tag #todayimfeeling and @arfabrands

Two products will come entirely free, with a donation of $5 for shipping and handling. It’s an easy way to make sure you’re getting your self-care in check naturally, and supporting small businesses through this time. 

Instagram: @hiki_foranybody

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