I have always been the type of person that is SO organized. SO organized. I message my friends about weekend plans the week before so I can put it in my planner. Sorry not sorry. Our mornings are the most important part of our day- because they set our whole day up! Creating the perfect morning routine for your schedule is the perfect set up to have a kick a$$ day. I love to wake up early, but if you don’t no judgment. These are a few things I recommend, that can easily happen at any time of the day.

  • Wakeup at the same time every day. This helps your body clock develop, creating a solid sleep schedule. 
  • Meditate. As soon as you wake up, sit up and set your timer for 5 minutes, visualize your day and breathe deep. Take this time for yourself. 
  • Attitude of Gratitude. Say 10 things out loud- yes out loud, that you are grateful for. I know it sounds crazy, but just try it. It helps set your positive mindset for the day.
  • Send love to 3 people that are bothering you. If they’re bothering you, they’re affecting your day and your mindset. Send them love and move on. 
  • Turn on some feel-good music, but one that also has enough energy to get you excited for the day. For me, it’s Spotify’s Feelin Good Playlist. This gets me dancing at 7am. 
  • Make your bed. MAKE YOUR BED. This gives you less chance of climbing back in and makes your room look nice.
  • Journal. Now, I always rolled my eyes at the “Dear Diary,” thing, but journaling is not that. I started when I lived alone in LA and it was great. Journaling helps get things off your mind from the day before, and helps get you set up for the day (I tried doing it at night but I would end up falling asleep- ha). If you need some prompts to get started, check out my post on the Australian company I Am Happy, I Am Here.
  • Planner. Plan your day! Add in anything else for the rest of the week that has come up. I did a whole post on the planner that I use and why I love it so much. 
  • Get ready. Whether you’re headed to work or workout, start getting ready for your day! This probably includes washing your face (please), eating a good breakfast (please), and cleaning up any mess you made while getting ready (it’s nice to come home to a clean room).
  • Go crush your day!

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