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As much as we all want to be completely independent, sometimes we do have to ask for help. I think it’s important to realize that reaching out to your friends is OKAY.  I got this crazy idea to start a blog during this quarantine, a lot of people were responding to my Instagram stories asking how I was being so productive, or what shoes I wore when I ran. Or they wanted some new reads! So, I did some personal work on how to overcome the self-doubts I had, and reached out to a good friend who is a graphic designer. Above is the exact text I sent. So, she helped me create this website, and taught me a lot along the way. Working together we created this awesome platform. The website I was trying to create myself… um… just wasn’t it. So here we are. 

When I was writing this, I reflected on some times that I’ve asked friends for help. And I’m thinking big tasks, not just “Hey will you order the food I’ll Venmo you”. Why do we feel uncomfortable asking our friends for help? Oh, because we’re embarrassed that we need to ask for help, and embarrassed that we couldn’t find the answers ourselves? There’s no shame in not being able to do something yourself, and a friend is the perfect person to confide in! When we reach out and confidently ask for help we open a whole new door of opportunities.  1) Getting the task done sooner 2) Graduating to a new level of friendship where being vulnerable with each other is cool. It’s like having an extra support system. Look back on the big things you’ve accomplished so far, what kind of help did you have? If you didn’t have any help- are you sure your goals are pushing you out of your comfort zone? (Ooooooo) In the end, asking for help shouldn’t be something you’re ashamed of, or feel like you need to suffer rather than ask. Just reach out, and 9/10 times they’ll help ya out or refer you to someone who can!

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