Many of you will probably recognize Jameela Jamil from her role as Tahani in NBC’s The Good Place. While she’s crushing that, she is also changing the game with her company, I Weigh. Through their content, they aim to break stereotypes from all over the world. But, they also provide teaching and motivation for us to break these stereotypes ourselves. On their website you can find interviews about body image & stereotypes from celebrities like Sam Smith and Lizzo. And on their Instagram, you can be a part of the I Weigh movement. They have a campaign that has you post of picture of yourself and your weight, but not the number you’re thinking. They encourage you to tell what you “weigh” by describing what you value about yourself- not related to your appearance. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Jameela at one of Aerie’s AerieREAL events in LA. She chatted about her mission with I Weigh and how she is personally working towards progress over perfection, always. She also has a podcast about her company, they air new episodes every Friday. You can find the link in their Instagram bio. 

Instagram: @i_weigh
Instagram: @jameelajamilofficial

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