In this time of uncertainty, I’ve found it’s important for me to keep as much of a schedule as possible. Finding balance has been challenging for all of us. Wanting to get productive or workout like crazy, but not over-do it. Wanting to watch the news to stay up to date, but not too much to cause anxiety. Wanting to chill out for a bit, but not too much because then you feel you’ve wasted a day. Also, it’s important to understand that there is nothing you SHOULD be doing right now. There is no right way to handle this situation. You have to do what you have to do for yourself, and do not let anyone pressure you into thinking that you’re doing something wrong. We all cope differently. Below is what I’ve found works best for me: take what you need!

For me, I’ve found that creating a solid schedule for myself up until 5pm has been… well pretty awesome for me during quarantine. Then after 5pm I do whatever you want! For some examples, I usually start with a workout, then a run, some sort of dance class, sing for a bit, work on my blog, and read. We have so much time on our hands, so it’s the perfect time to do the things you said you didn’t have time for before. I encourage everyone to use this time to take a step back, slow down, and really think about your life. What kind of life do you want to return to? What kind of habits do you not want to return to? How can you use this time of isolation to work on creating the life you’ve always wanted? Right now, our lives are on pause, so let’s utilize this time to take a step back and reflect. 

Now, I say all of this knowing that I definitely did nothing yesterday except for eat, watch 30 Rock, and chat with my friends. And that is ok!!! That is so okay, you have to figure out what kind of schedule works best for YOU. I’m just here to give you some tips and tricks for what’s worked for me, you don’t have to do exactly what I do. But, there are certain ways that we can make the most of this time. 

Tips & Tricks

  • Wake up at the same time every morning, at least on the weekdays.
  • Don’t roll over and start checking Instagram or the news, do something for yourself that doesn’t involve your phone. 
  • Move your body! Whether it’s a workout, run, yoga, or a nice stretch. 
  • Plan your meals, so you only have to go to the grocery once. If you’re in NYC, it’s now required we all wear masks. Here’s where I got mine (you can pick your own fabric)!
  • Put this schedule into your planner.
  • Go to bed early, and put that damn phone down 30mins before!! 
  • I take Olly Melatonin Gummies before bed, helps calm my mind so I can get a good sleep. The serving size is two gummies, but one works perfectly for me. 

I’ve used these questions as guidelines for really assessing my life, and the direction it’s going in, just to double check that it’s the direction I want. I feel like that’s kind of important. 

Quarantine Reflection Questions 

What do I feel my purpose in life is? (Career, personal, family?)

Make a list of all of your bad habits you desire to change, as well as list of all of the good habits you’re proud of. What are you going to replace your bad habits with? (i.e. scrolling on Instagram with reading)

If I told you to write down your dream life, (time and money is no restriction), what would it look like?

What are you afraid of/ what do you think is holding you back?

When are the times you feel most alive?

Now assess these answers, grab your planner, and start dreaming big. 

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