One of my FAVORITES (these planners will literally change your life)

If you love to plan your weeks, months, and years out like me, seriously get into these planners. They have so many options in sizes, and colors, AND you can also choose the Undated option, so you can start your planner at any time of the year. The days are broken down by half hour, and you can find everything from to- do lists to monthly reflections. Also any of my friends can expect one of these for their bday’s, you’re welcome. 

They also have a program called “Give One, Get One”, where every planner that you buy, they donate one to organizations, schools, or people in need. Together, they have delivered over 400,000 planners all over the world. You can order your planners right from their website, find tips for organization and productivity, as well as inspiration from other users. Welcome to the #PashFam

Instagram: @passionplanner
Here’s the planner I use (size large)

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