If you’ve seen me on Instagram (@presley.hg) you’ll see in my bio “sparkle & shine.” We all have little mantras we say to ourselves to get us through the day, or certain rough patches. For me, I always tell myself to “sparkle & shine” under my breath before I walk into any audition, any job interview, or any tough situation. It’s like my version of “you got this.” For me, it’s reminding myself that I have the power to achieve whatever I want. When I feel that my soul is truly sparkling and shining, it’s because I’m doing what I love. And we all know this feeling, whether it’s taking that final bow, watching a sunset from your balcony on vacation, making your friends laugh, or checking a goal off your list. It’s also when we are actively visualizing the life we are working towards- I feel that in my SOUL. When you are working on yourself and your hopes/dreams, you are vibrating at your highest frequency- as the personal development gurus say. We want to be at this level as much as possible, we want to work as if we are already living that dream life, and that’s the first step to getting there. I am vibrating at my highest frequency when I feel my soul sparkling. That’s when I’m doing what I love (performing, spending time with people I love, running, etc.). When you feel that little extra sparkle in your gut- that’s where your passion is, and you need to do more of that.  As for the “shine” part of this saying, that’s me sharing that sparkle with the world. I dance for myself, but I don’t perform for myself. I don’t sit alone in my room and make myself laugh (sometimes but it’s not ideal ha) and I run because I’m inspired of the distances I see others going and I want to do the same. Sparkle & shine is that little extra magic that makes you excited for your day. Everything you do, you should do with intention- there’s a why behind everything. If you don’t do it with intention, there’s no bother in doing it all. So, ask yourself, “What makes me sparkle & shine?” (when do I feel most alive & how can I share that with others?)

So with that said, sparkle & shine!

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