Picture this, me walking out of a voice lesson. Making eye contact with a girl I recognize but have definitely never spoken to (the musical theater world is pretty small) and she goes, “Oh hey Presley!” I looked at her, said hi back, and am left wondering if I’m a bad person for not knowing who that was? Or if I need to be diagnosed with short term memory loss. 

I’ve found that I always perform (in life and on the stage) better when I’m only worried about myself, and am focused on staying in my own lane. Might sound selfish but it’s true. Is there a way to be too focused on yourself? If I’m too much of a people person, I end up not focusing on what I need to get done. How do we find balance between the two? 

I think it comes down to having clear intentions of when you feel it’s best to do your own thing, and when it’s best to let that social butterfly fly a bit. Be real with yourself, if you know you will “perform” better staying focused on yourself for the day, then do it. Make sure to still acknowledge those around you and have an open energy, but save the rest for yourself. If you find yourself feeling scrambled making everyone else happy before you focus on yourself, take a step back. Make sure you are putting your energy into yourself first! You need to be able to function and sparkle to be able to accomplish everything you want. But, you need others. You need a support system, a collaboration team, or even just people to be around. There is a time for staying in your own lane, when you need to be the priority. But there is also a time to spread your love, and that’s where the magic happens. Maybe next time I see that girl, I’ll ask her to remind me of her name ☺

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