Early morning flight, so I decide to hit up Dunkin Donuts for a bagel and a coffee. Our flight gets extremely delayed, and by the time we’re up in the air I’m telling my mom I don’t feel good. Fast forward to me literally emptying my insides 7 times on the plane. SEVEN TIMES (what was in that bagel??!!) When we got to Atlanta, I continued this trend in the bathroom, only a couple times though. Then proceeded to become a dead body on the floor of the airport (yikes). Our flights were a mess, we had to spend the night at the hotel airport in Mexico City. When we finally got to Cabo, my suitcase didn’t make it. I wanted to scream. I was the only one who checked my bag because I had come from LA and was heading to New York after. After a couple of days surviving out of the hotel gift shop in my see- through white bikini, my dad and I got the notification that my bag finally made it to the airport in Cabo. We didn’t want to risk the thing getting lost again so we took a car to pick the bag up ourselves. Turns out the same thing happened to a couple we met standing in line. They were definitely on some sort of drugs and got way too close to us when they talked (I still worry about them sometimes). Airport security took us through the back entrance of the airport, and when we finally got our bags, the girl started screaming and crying. I grabbed mine and power walked outta there like Nike was having a sale. 

Now, looking back on this, I’m happy I have this insane story to tell. If life was so perfect all the time, it would be SO BORING. Think about it, if everything always worked out, always went our way, what would we be doing? At the time this was not fun, but looking back on it my family gets a good laugh. I think reflecting on how we handle these crazy situations is good for learning about our personal development. I learned that while yes, I was freaking the F out, I was already planning for what I would do if I had to go to New York without my bag. I practiced gratitude for that hotel gift shop because I still had the opportunity to enjoy the beach with my fam. Now, don’t get me wrong I was pretty pissed. But that energy wasn’t useful in this situation. What is useful, is knowing that I will never be eating at Dunkin ever again, sorry not sorry.

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