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Working out alone in my living room is definitely not the same as a packed Barry’s class. Doing a ballet barre on Instagram Live is definitely not the same as being in a studio feeding with other dancers. But, this is the current situation we’re in, so why not make the most of it? There are so many platforms to find free workouts at home, anything from boxing to pilates. You just have to do a little digging. For me, putting these workouts/dance classes into my schedule (yes actually writing them down) has been extremely helpful. This way, I’ve already committed to getting it done. Here’s a list of what I’m currently doing: 

Yoga With Adriene

On YouTube, Adriene has SO MANY great yoga videos on her page. You can find everything from yoga for runners to meditation practices. I’m currently doing her 30 day challenge called “Home”. I do it every morning after my morning routine, and it really gets you ready for your day.

Here’s her Instagram & Website

COREntine with Keoni

On Instagram, every morning at 9am EST. Let me tell you, these workouts… are HARD, but SO MUCH FUN. Keoni has such great energy and his creativity with different workouts is insane, he’s extremely talented. He also has fire playlists and has created an awesome community online. Oh! And it’s FREE, (I mean, you should definitely donate) but it’s FREE! 

Pilates with Adriana

On Zoom, Adriana teaches Pilates on Mon, Wed, Fri at 6pm and 7pm (c’mon options!) She teaches 45 min classes that are donation based. She’s a genius with sequencing, and she’s hilarious while super encouraging. I believe she said to me (over zoom) “I know you can go farther Presley… thank you”, she will definitely push you. Here’s her Instagram for more info.

Nike Run Club

For my runners! And for my people who are interested in running! This app has everything from tips and tricks to guided runs. I ran my first 6 miles with this app. They also have different weekly training plans for a specific goal (10K, Marathon, etc.). The guided runs are with one of the Nike coaches. This is really helpful for speed runs, because you don’t have to keep checking your watch for your time/pace. 

Now for my dancers, here’s how I’ve been keeping the technique up.

Kitchen Ballet with Nancy

Every Tues, Thurs, and Sat at 1pm EST on Instagram Live. Let me tell you guys, I had Nancy for multiple semesters in school out in LA, and when I say I died every class… I died. Her class is seriously amazing. Yes, it’s hard, but her humor and passion gets you through it. Before having her as a teacher, I would leave ballet class feeling like a piece of dirt on the floor, but after hers I walk outta there feeling like a star, even on IG Live. 


TMilly provides online dance classes in hip hop, contemporary, and heels. They have multiple levels available and you can take from fierce choreographers like Tricia Miranda, Cat Rendic, and Brian Friedman. I forgot to mention, it’s $10 a month. $10!!! Seriously the best ten bucks I’ve ever spent. 

While keeping our bodies active is extremely important, making sure that we’re taking care of our minds should also be at the top of our to-do lists. 

Tia Rivera 

I recently completed Tia’s mentorship program, and it was what really propelled me forward to start this blog. She is so inspiring and real, and will really get you motivated to crush the week/month/year ahead. I HIGHLY recommend her mentorship program (word on the street is that the next one is in July- so be on the lookout for that). Tia also does a live mental wellness workshop every Sunday called “Level- Up From Home”, at 6pm EST. She gives you the tools you need to maximize your potential in all aspects of your life- career, spiritual, mental, physical, financial.  She also offers one on one mentorship, you can check out her website for more info!


All things guided mediation. They also have an app! You can find anything from beginner meditations to more specific ones for anger, sadness, growth, etc. They have some that are free and some that you need to purchase, but it’s definitely worth it. Now that we have the time during this quarantine, we can really use it to dive into finding what kind of meditation works for us.

A little extra bonus!

You can put a time limit on your social media apps for the day. I highly recommend this, it’s easy to get stuck scrolling. If you have an iPhone, here’s how:

Settings- Screen Time- App Limits- Add Limits

You can customize the time limit for each day depending on how many IG Lives you’re planning on attending that day- HA! 

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