My good friend Jahred and I chat about the book he just wrote. Like, my friend wrote a book!! How cool?! Read about his process & how he made it happen. Find him on Instagram, and purchase the book here. Enjoy!

Tell us about your book!

The Truth About The Truth is my very first book as an author and it is really like my child. The book is composed of my lifetime stories, dreams, poetry, revelations and realizations of truth that I have experienced thus far in my life. The book is to be a mirror for readers to hopefully see themselves in my stories and struggles and realize their truth and life circumstances can be used to propel them to greatness, and not hold them back from their destiny and greatest version of themselves.

What inspired you to write it?

The Truth About The Truth really came out of three years’ worth of journal entries as well as personal life stories. In January of 2020, being just graduated from college, I knew that this was the start of my journey to greatness and generational impact. I believe that I have a story that has the power and ability to help others fight through tough situations and come out on the other side better. I looked around at all the people I’ve met and know, from my family, to my friends and even people I met in college and realized that there are a lot of people, myself included, who are broken inside and deal with some very serious issues. I know for me I always felt alone in my struggles and at times I thought my truth wasn’t worthy enough to even share, nor was I able to be open enough to seek help. I was inspired by that feeling of hopelessness and also by the Love I found in God; to write this book for those who feel ashamed, undervalued and alone. Those people are who I live my life for, I have a sincere passion and obligation to help those who need just one person to make them see they aren’t alone and can use whatever they’ve been through to their advantage and for their overall greatness and healing. 

Explain a bit of what the process is like after you finish the book (getting published etc.)

Once I finished writing the book, I had to go back and arrange the order of the chapters and make sure the fluidity of the book was just right. I view books the same as I view music, there are hooks and verses, melodies and rhythms that must be aligned perfectly in order to have a great song, and that was the approach I took with the composition of my book. After that I called up a few members of my team and we began brainstorming how to promote the book as best as possible. A few of the strategies we utilized were: the creation of a book trailer, social media postings, as well as sending emails and doing live TV/web series interviews and podcasts. Lastly, I am so blessed to have my amazing mother, Kimmoly LaBoo, who is also my publisher. She owns and operates LaBoo Publishing Enterprise and has published many Amazon Best Sellers. She oversaw the production, cover design, website creation, and getting it to market through distributors such as Amazon. She is truly phenomenal at what she does. 

 What was the hardest part of it all?

The hardest part about this book was honestly the amount of vulnerability it took to manifest it. A lot of things I talk about in the book were parts of me that I thought I had “gotten over” or healed completely from, until I began writing about them. I have shared some of these stories before verbally with a few people, but once you sit down and start putting words on a page it hits a little different. For me, when the words are on the page they don’t just disappear as they would when you are speaking, instead they look back at you and with that, it forced me to really face myself and my truth. I will say the flip side of that scary reality was that by putting it on paper; I felt a full release of what I’d been holding onto for so long. All the shame, hurt and trauma were let go, there were a few times when writing the book, I found myself literally crying and being overwhelmed with emotions, good and bad. I believe that was the hardest part because healing is hard, and that’s what was taking place in those moments.

Advice for someone who also wants to write a book, but doesn’t know where to start?

If you are looking to write a book I’d say a great place to start is to just begin writing in a journal. Brainstorm a little and also have fun with it. Write down literally any and everything you can think of. I believe everything you need is already in you! Don’t limit yourself and do not pre-judge your ideas, let them take shape and then see which ones resonate with you and go from there. Next, I would say to try and think of what message/story you are trying to tell. It can be a bit challenging doing anything if you do not have a solid “why”. I believe if you start with just those two steps you’ll be on the right track.

Where can we buy it?

You can purchase your copy of ‘The Truth About The Truth’ on Amazon. There is a paperback copy, hard cover copies, as well as a Kindle version available to download straight to your phone.

What’s the first thing you’re going to do when quarantine is over?

The first thing I am going to do after quarantine is over, is go to LA and see all my amazing friends, and really continue to enjoy every moment life has to offer me!

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