so cute right?!

Wow, I still can’t believe we’ve been in quarantine since March, 16- making it 90 days today. My roommate went home at the beginning of April, so I had been alone since then (which is like 2 and a half months alone in my apt. sooooo yeah it was time). But, it really wasn’t that bad, when I lived in LA I lived alone and I was pretty much living my best life (my apartment complex also had a pool, so I think that definitely helped). So, after a family facetime last week, my mom could tell I was getting a little lonely and bored. She was right. Even though I’m going to pat myself on the back for being productive these past 90 days, there were still times I felt a little lonely and just really down. She bribed me with a haircut & color (Kentucky is opening a bit faster than NYC), and my blondes will agree that we will do anything for a much-needed hair appointment. So, I’m coming to you live from my couch with my adorable co-writer, my dog. 

This morning I got up at 3:30am for my 6am flight so if this post doesn’t make any sense it’s because my laptop screen is literally blurry HA. I think I was trying to prove something by forcing myself to stay in NYC. Trying to prove that I could handle it? I’m not exactly sure. For me the idea of going home wasn’t an option, I wanted to tough it out. I know, I’m a weirdo. But honestly, I think that time alone was really good for me. I got to PAUSE and BREATHE and REFLECT. One of my best friends and I graduated college in October, and we were talking about how this time off might be a blessing in disguise (okay I have to tell you that I literally sat here for a minute staring at my screen trying to figure out how to spell “disguise”). We were talking about how we can use this time to reflect on the few “adult months” we experienced. We graduated mid-October so, from October- March. We chatted about what we discovered worked for us and what didn’t. This was everything from career and auditions to money management. I think it’s really important to surround yourself with people you can have these honest conversations with about the direction you want your life to go in. You want feel comfortable sharing your hopes and dreams no matter how big, without feeling embarrassed. It’s also a great way to bounce ideas off of each other and be open to suggestions for improvement.

I think it was a really great decision for me to come home when I did. I plan on sticking around till early July, and then who knows what will be happening in New York by then. But, my birthday is at the end of July so maybe till then? Everything is up in the air right now. Something I have been reminding myself a lot lately is “there is a solution to every problem”. I’ve found myself stressing about the future and what that’s going to look like. I would literally wake up- stressed, go to be- stressed, it really wasn’t healthy HA. So, I think for anyone that’s either still in NYC or is quarantined alone, just know that you are crushing it! If you need a change of scenery that’s not a sign of weakness, you gotta do what’s right for you. Keep hanging in there, we will get through this. If you need some extra tips for staying productive during this quarantine, I did a whole post about it here

Lastly, I want to thank my friends and FaceTime. I honestly don’t know what I would do without my weekly FaceTimes with Tatiana and Kyra, or my every other day FaceTimes with Adriana, and big shoutout to Chris for answering my random calls at any time of the day. Chat with your friends, it’s a great reminder that you have people that are there for you, and are a fabulous support system.  Happy Day 90 of Quarantine! Gonna go drink some more coffee!

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