Read my chat with the fabulous Destiny Holder on how she deals with her dietary restrictions. She is a fierce dancer, model, actress, chef, I could literally go on and on… but you get the point. Her personal instagram is here, and her foodie insta is here! If you need to update your recipe book or find your love of cooking (still trying to find mine) check her page out for sure. If you struggle dealing with dietary restrictions- she’s your go to resource! You’re welcome!

First things first, what dietary restrictions are you dealing with?

I cannot consume rice, dairy, or gluten. 

How do you manage these restrictions while eating out?

I have to do my research before going to a restaurant or fast food chain. Majority of places have nutrition menus and allergen menus online. The allergen menu is what I look for. Even then, sometimes I still have to decide if I’d like to pass; many restaurant’s fries actually have way more ingredients in them than you think; including rice flour, which I can’t eat. 

What’s the hardest part of it all?

The hardest part is probably the scarcity, along with the expense. Which really sucks when I have a craving. If I want a donut, it costs about $5, whereas an average person’s donut is maybe $1. Especially when at restaurants, it sucks having to ask for possibly half of what comes with the meal to be excluded, yet the price still be full price. Or substitutions still being an extra amount. I used to order from Skinny Bitch Pizza all the time because that was the only pizza I could eat, that I knew of. Girl, that was at least $45 for a SINGLE PIZZA every time. My cravings are really strong too, so I either have to let myself spend that money or come up with a new recipe. I’ve gotten used to the fact that if I want to eat out, it’s never less than $20. 

Advice for someone dealing with a similar situation?

Look, stay strong sis or brother. Don’t be discouraged to go eat out with your friends, just make sure you plan ahead. Also if you really need to or accidentally indulge in something you shouldn’t, I recommend digestive enzyme pills. (I use Zenwise Health’s Daily Digestive Enzymes w/ prebiotics + probiotics) Put a couple in a ziplock and keep it with you everywhere you go, just to be safe. Plus, you’re not alone. If you need guidance or have questions follow my @therecipeholder instagram page and I will help you. 

Are your dietary restrictions challenging mentally as well?

Of course. Sometimes I feel like a burden on friends and family. Sometimes they won’t eat what they really want to in front of me. On the flipside, sometimes when they do indulge in those things, in front of me, I can get bummed out. I crave Domino’s pizza almost daily! So imagine when your friends order that for dinner and you have to smell it.  

What’s your favorite thing about cooking?

Making up concoctions that rarely fail. Seriously, I’m pretty good at creating a flavorful dish inspired by something I used to be able to eat. 

Favorite thing to cook?

My favorite thing to cook used to be my spinach waffles, before my waffle maker broke. As soon as I get a new one, I’ll be back on track with those babies. 

What’s the first thing you’re going to do once this quarantine is over?  

 Everything. From eating at my favorite restaurant (Granville) to going to the beach or rehearsals. 

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