How is it almost August already?!! I’m here for it though, I love summer- but it’s been hot! August means we’re closer to fall… kinda… I’m still workin’ from home, so I’ve had so much time to read, and it’s been amazing. More reading=less time social media (woohoo!) Below are my 2 book pics for the month of August. Click on the titles for the Amazon purchase link! Enjoy!

Ask Again, Yes Mary Beth Keane

If you want family drama, THIS is the one for you. Follows two kids growing up the street across from one another, and follows them all the way till they’re adults. They’re families start out as close neighbors, but then something happens that tears the two families apart. Over the next 30 years, they’re bond is constantly tested. So much heartbreak & so many smiles. I finished in 3 days. 

Park Avenue Summer Renée Rosen

Alice Weiss leaves her Midwestern hometown for The Big Apple. She somehow lands a job working for the first female editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine. This seems like the perfect gig for her, but nothing could have prepared her for this. She balances this new glamorous lifestyle, and keeps her eye on her dreams. She knows she can have it all.  This is Sex and The City meets Devil Wears Prada- so I’m obsessed! 

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