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Let’s rewind to March 16th, 2020- when I found out that both of my workplaces were shutting down, due to COVID-19. I found myself with no plans other than going to the grocery, doing, laundry, and facetiming friends (no complaints, because 1. I needed a break 2. We all needed to stay inside to decrease the spread of the virus). As someone that loves to plan her days down to the half hour, I saw a lot of empty space in my planner. I thought “Hmm okay now that I have the time to do (almost) whatever I want… what should I do?” the wheels in my brain started to turn and BOOM my planner started filling up! I was busy and happy and living my best life from the inside of my apartment! When one of my friends reached out to me for advice on how to fill her planner when she has nothing to do, I thought it would be a perfect blog post. So, here we are! Below you will find how to organize your planner, & advice on how to stay busy. 

First things first, I use my trusty Passion Planner. But, these tips can work with any planner. If you’re reading this post, it means you probably love to plan your days or you are new to this whole thing and need some help getting started. I would 100% recommend a Passion Planner, you can plan your days down to the half hour, and there is space for Personal To- Do Lists and Work To-Do Lists. There are monthly reflections designed to help you have the best month, plus a whole section in the beginning called “Your Passion Roadmap”, where you follow the exercises to figure out your goals for the year ahead, and plug them into your weekly schedule. AND they have undated planners, meaning you can start whatever day/month you want! You can use my code PRESLEY10, for 10% off your purchase. Alright let’s get into it- tips & tricks to keep your planner full: 

  • Write down your Personal To-Do List and your Work To- Do List for the week. This can be anything from “Pay Rent” to “Email ____” anything big or small- write it down! 
  • Any errands you know you need to run this week, pick a day and time and write it down. 
  • Decide what time you are going to wake up each morning, draw a little sun to indicate this on your planner.
  • Write down your morning routine, and have a time you should be finished by to keep yourself on track for the day. 
  • Decide what the most important thing you need to do today is, and do it right after your morning routine. You have more will power in the morning and it will most likely get done in the morning rather than at night. 
  • I do yoga and workout every morning. Instead of writing “Workout” on my planner, I see how long the yoga class is, outline it on my planner, and do the same for the workout. 
  • Write down what time you’re going to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the day!
  • Leave a few hours open for any “Work” you need to do. Outline it, and write down what exactly you need to get done. 
  • If you are Face Timing a friend or a spending some time reading, write it down! Even if you planning on just hanging out and watching a movie for a few hours, write it down!
  • The goal is to put everything in your planner first that you definitely need to do, and then work backwards to fill up as much white space as possible!

Now, if you’ve planned out your week, and still are looking at some white space. Ask yourself:

“Is there a passion project I have the time to work on now?”

“Is there something I’ve always wanted to learn about/research but haven’t had the time?”

“How can I use this extra time to my advantage?”

There is always something to do/work on, whether it’s actual “work” or reading a book & working on yourself! Remember to use my code PRESLEY10 to purchase your Passion Planner! You won’t regret it, AND you can become a part of the #PASHFAM

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