This post means that it’s almost Fall! Which makes me truly happy. Below you’ll find my two book picks for September. Both are amazing, and Big Summer will help you stay in Summer for a bit longer. Pick one, or both! Let me know which one you’re reading and we can chat about it. Also, if you don’t like any of these options, no worries! Check out my Instagram Highlight “2020 Reads” for some more ideas. Enjoy!

Big Summer– Jennifer Weiner

Explores friendship, social media, and discovering what matters most in life. When the main character’s frenemy comes back into her life with an offer she can’t resist, is she going to take it? After everything this girl did to her? I mean, it involves a mansion in Cape Cod so it would be very hard to resist. This book has an ending no one was expecting, and is the perfect read to finish out your summer.

Brag Better– Meredith Fineman

Do you find yourself doing better work than others, but not getting any praise? In this book, Meredith Fineman explores how to self-promote the right way, and surprisingly- it includes bragging. The tips and tricks she provides are ways to get your voice heard, to feel comfortable talking about your accomplishments, and how to win at bragging. A must read for anyone and everyone!

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