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It’s officially FALL! October is the perfect month to curl up on the couch, grab your favorite book, and have a Pumpkin Spice Latte sitting next to you- duh. These two books below are both very thought provoking, and the author’s do a fantastic job of taking you into the world that they have created. Especially because there’s still a lot of extra time in my schedule, (not fully back at work yet) it’s nice to enjoy some time in someone else’s world for a change. Enjoy the books below, let me know if you choose to read one or both! 

American Dirt – Jeanine Cummins

After a tragic family accident, Lydia and her eight-year-old son are forced to flee Mexico in search of a new life away from one of the most dangerous drug cartels. The people they meet along the way, the places the go, and the struggles they encounter will leave you turning the pages faster than you ever have before. It will leave you changed, with a new perspective on the idea of sacrifice. 

Conversations With Friends – Sally Rooney

Sally Rooney is also featured on my July Book Picks for her best-selling novel “Normal People”. Conversations With Friends was the first book I read this year. This book explores the ins and outs of female friendship and follows to best friends on their journey towards “adulting”. It will get you thinking about how relationships change over time, and you’ll relate the characters to people in your own life easily. A great read to explore the ideas of making the most out of your youth, and moving into the adult world. 

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