New to journaling and don’t know where to start? Or have you been journaling for a while and want to mix things up? I am so passionate about the importance of journaling. I love to do it first thing in the morning, it is my #1 tool to start the day in the right mindset. Whether you’re feeling stressed out and need to take a pen to paper, or want to give yourself some motivation, journaling will help you through it all.

In this eBook, you will get journal prompts for 14 days, one a day. And these are not your basic journal prompts, they’re designed to help you become more self-aware and to help you discover what’s holding back from your goals. You’ll take a step back and analyze where you are in your life now, what’s important to you, and what’s holding you back from where you dream of being. This eBook covers topics from social media to your personal finances.

PLUS! You’ll get the formula I use for my morning and night journaling for FREE! These two formulas help me feel like I am prepared to start and end each day.

14 Day Journal Challenge eBook

The eBook works best in the Books app on an iPhone! No iPhone? No worries! You can download this eBook directly to your laptop as well.


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